About Us

Svaroop means One’s own form or true nature.

It all started with a simple thought of showcasing the rich heritage of Indian fabrics and hand-embroideries. India led the fashion world in earlier centuries through their unique fabric, designs and customer centric approach. However, as the World embraced fast fashion, India’s fashion heritage lost its glory. Svaroop is a humble effort to redeem our past legacy in fashion.

Started in 2018, the brand Svaroop instantly captured interest of customers longing for a ‘sense of attachment’ with their clothing that offers sustainability, uniqueness and rich craftsmanship.

The exclusivity of Svaroop lies in offering

  1. Pure or blend of diverse Indian fabrics like chanderi, Ikat, khadi, kalamkari and various others in contemporary styles.

  2. Simple and Minimalistic designs suitable for all occasions. Whether you wish to add grace at workplace or individuality at a chit chat party or yearning to look special while celebrating with loved ones, our designs are curated for all occasions

  3. Bold use of vibrant colors to brighten your mood

  4. Sustainable products at affordable prices to help you in creating a wardrobe that represents your own ‘Svaroop’ (True nature) and help in reducing impact of fashion on environment

At Svaroop, we sincerely believe that your journey to loving yourself starts with finding pleasure and joy in the cloths you wear. We are committed to facilitate this journey with our thoughtfully curated collections.

Happy Buying!!!

Contact us/ Write to us at hello@svaroop.in or WHATSAPP at +91 9310288322